Industrial R&D Center

  • Production

    • Manage production processes
    • Handle GMP documents
    • Plan production schedule
  • Research & Develop

    • Development of raw materials
    • Design and develop new products
    • Improvement of existing products
  • Quality Management

    • Manage GMP quality systems
    • Conduct Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Register products and conduct follow-up management
  • Sales

    • Promote and sell products
    • Analyze cost-benefit and needs of customers
    • Develop and maintain positive business relationships

R&D Main Technology

  • Raw Material Manufacturing

    Development and production of high quality monoclonal antibody, recombinant antigen and other raw materials

  • Gold Nanoparticle Manufacturing

    Production of High-sensitive gold nanoparticles.

    Our gold nanoparticles have the high protein binding efficiency as our standard gold nanoparticle preparations for use in applications such as conjugate development and lateral flow.

  • Preparation

    Optimize raw materials to have optimal analytical performance

  • Mass Production

    Rapid production process of raw materials and finished products