About Us

PRIME4DIA is R&D group and manufacturer for in vitro diagnostic products from South Korea

PRIME4DIA is focusing its efforts on Point of Care Testing (POCT) as its core strategic business. PRIME4DIA is developing proprietary and unique core technologies for the development of world class rapid immunochromatographic assay and ELISA systems. PRIME4DIA has established its unique position in the IVD industry as a total solution provider for all kind of rapid test raw materials and semi-finished products.

Our R&D center and factory located at Anyang city, nearby Seoul, is an up-to-dated manufacturing facility equipped to produce monoclonal antibody, gold nanoparticle and wide range of rapid tests (semi-finished products).

PRIME4DIA is specializing in the Point-of-Care Diagnositc Kits (POCT)

As a company specializing in the development, production, and manufacturing of point-of-care diagnostic kits (POCT), we are expanding into the mobile healthcare market based on our main products (influenza and dengue fever diagnostics) and proprietary products (HIV 4th generation diagnostic kits, high-sensitivity kits, etc.).


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  • representative

    kyu-ha oh

  • establishment date

    april 21, 2016

  • business field

    Development and production
    of on-site diagnostic kits (POCT)

    Core technology transfer

    Antigen and antibody
    development and production